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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is DOGgeviti™ recommended by Vets? 
A: Absolutely. Click here for a list of vets that currently recommend DOGgeviti™.

Q: What exactly is DOGgeviti™? 
A: DOGgeviti™ is an All-Natural supplement containing oligopeptides, a series of peptides and naturally occurring growth factors, which are the building blocks of life. 

Q: Why should my dog take DOGgeviti™? 
A: DOGgeviti™ can (and has in many cases) improve your dog’s overall quality of life. 

Q: What are the benefits of DOGgeviti™ for my dog? 
A: DOGgeviti™ may nutritionally support the healthy function of the adrenal cortex by reducing the stress some dogs may experience, which can cause cortisol levels to rise. DOGgeviti™ has also aided in ameliorating the aging process, through improved mobility, reduced anxiety, and accelerated recovery from illness and injury, helping to reestablish your dog’s crucial bodily functions. 

Q: How is DOGgeviti™ made? 
A: DOGgeviti™ employs a patented and proprietary method to extract specific peptides from the undeveloped embryos of fertilized chicken eggs raised in a pristine organic environment free from unwelcome chemicals, as well as viral and bacterial contamination. 

Q: Which dogs can use DOGgeviti™? 
A: All dogs can use DOGgeviti™ regardless of health, breed, or stage in life. 

Q: What makes DOGgeviti™ different from other anti-aging supplements? 
A: DOGgeviti™ and other products by Longeviti Sciences are some of the only supplements on the market that actually contain naturally occurring Growth Factors. 

Q: What are Growth Factors? 
A: A growth factor is a naturally occurring substance in all mammals that is capable of stimulating healthy cellular growth and proliferation, as well as cellular differentiation. 

Q: What factors impact normal joint health? 
A: As canines age, they experience a waning quality of their Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF). In on-going clinical studies, DOGgeviti™ has demonstrated the restorative capacity of CTGF we have not seen in any supplement manufactured by any competing company. 

Q: My dog is 9 years old and having trouble walking, how can the Natural Growth Factors in DOGgeviti™ help her condition? 
A: Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF) promotes collagen production, which helps to improve healthy ligament function and alleviate joint pain. 

Q: What are some of the key nutrients in DOGgeviti™? 
A: Oligopeptides are the key. Represented by a series of Peptides each comprised of the essential Amino Acids critical to healthy and normal growth in all canines. 

Q: Can DOGgeviti™ help my dog’s diabetes? 
A: The U.S. Food & Drug Administration has made it abundantly clear that there is NO CURE for diabetes, whether in dogs, humans, or any other mammal. With that being said, the Growth Factors in DOGgeviti™ are known to nutritionally support healthy and normal blood sugar levels in canines.  

Q: My dog has mange on his back, can DOGgeviti™ help? 
A: Yes it can help. Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), which is one of the many naturally occurring growth factors in DOGgeviti™, is the growth factor that promotes healthy and rapid skin tissue growth and development, as well as accelerating the wound healing process. 

Q: How many DOGgeviti™ nutritional treats should I give my dog each day? 
A: One DOGgeviti™ treat, twice daily, will provide your dog with the nutritional support to positively impact a broad range of conditions that affect aging canines. 

 Q: Is it possible to overdose my dog with the oligopeptide in DOGgeviti™? 
A: No. The DOGgeviti™ formula contains ingredients that occur naturally in the body, and to date there have been no known reports of a negative reaction to DOGgeviti™. 

 Q: Are DOGgeviti™ nutritional treats absorbed by the body as well or better than a liquid or powder? 
 A: Because the ingredients in DOGgeviti™ are 100% All-Natural and are comprised of very low molecular weight, they are highly bioavailable. Therefore, the absorptive properties of DOGgeviti™ are equivalent, and often superior, to liquids and powders because the peptides in DOGgeviti™ are of a very low molecular weight, which allows it to enter the blood stream rapidly, making it superior to any competing supplement we have found. 

 Q: How should I store DOGgeviti™ for maximum freshness? 
 A: Unlike other supplements, DOGgeviti™ can be stored safely in a dry place at room temperature. 

Q: Can puppies safely take DOGgeviti™? 
A: Yes. DOGgeviti™ is an ideal way to give your puppy a healthy start in life. 

 Q: Can pregnant dogs safely take DOGgeviti™? 
 A: Yes. While DOGgeviti™ is great for dogs in all stages of life, it has also shown itself to be an excellent supplement for gestating dogs and puppies in vitro as well. 

 Q: Why is DOGgeviti™ more expensive for large dogs? 
 A: The difference is quite simply the larger dosage associated with the formulation for larger dogs. 

Q: Since DOGgeviti™ contains the amino acids making up the peptides you claim to be the building blocks of life, is it safe for any dog to take, regardless of age? 
 A: Yes. The naturally occurring peptides that make up DOGgeviti™ are already produced in the canine physiology (in decreasing volumes as dogs age), so they are not merely safe, they become therapeutically necessary as the years go by. 

Q: Why are Oligopeptides so important for my dog’s health? 
A: Oligopeptides can help to stimulate healthy mature cell division and significantly reduce the mortality of older cells, as well as assist in normalizing a variety of cellular processes by activating the Fibroblast Growth Factor receptors. When this occurs, healing is accelerated and a variety of cellular processes are normalized resulting in cellular regeneration.

Q: What are the key differences between DOGgeviti™ and other anti-aging supplements? 
A: The Growth Factors are key. Both clinical tests and real life experience have demonstrated growth factors (not to be confused with growth hormones) have the capability to positively affect a broad range of conditions in the canine anatomy. In addition, some veterinarians have reported DOGgeviti™ has been effective against issues associated with adrenal function. The peptides in DOGgeviti™ responsible for these growth factors have demonstrated an adaptogenic effect and act at TWO levels: 
1) Help maintain normal adrenal cortex activity (androgens, gluco-corticoids, and mineral-corticoids). 
2) At the cellular/tissue level exerting cyto-stimulating, cyto-protective and anti-oxidative properties. 

Q: Are there any side effects I should be aware of when my dog takes DOGgeviti™? 
A: No. After many years of experience, DOGgeviti™ has yet to produce any known reports of negative side effects. 

Q: Can my dog safely take DOGgeviti™ in conjunction with other supplements, vitamins, and medications? 
A: Yes. DOGgeviti™ is formulated as a foundational nutrient in support of the canine anatomy; it is intended to support and assist the performance of other supplements and vitamins. In some instances even medications have performed at improved levels (consult your veterinarian before including DOGgeviti™ with any prescribed pharmaceuticals), and to date no negative drug interactions have been reported.

Q: What time of day should I give my dog DOGgeviti™? 
A: Both AM and PM (every 12 hours). Because DOGgeviti™ is a 100% All-Natural nutritional supplement, its use is not restricted as synthetic pharmaceuticals may be, and suitable for use at any hour of the day. However, to ensure maximum efficiency it is recommended that your dog take DOGgeviti™ in 12-hour intervals. 

Q: Should I give my dog DOGgeviti™ before or after eating? 
A: Taking DOGgeviti™ before meals is best as digestion aids the body in the absorption of DOGgeviti™. 

Q: Is DOGgeviti™ gluten-free? 
A: Yes, DOGgeviti™ is 100% Gluten-Free. 

Q: What measures are taken to monitor the purity of DOGgeviti™ from batch to batch? 
A: Each batch is thoroughly tested for quality. Longeviti Sciences employs an ISO 9001 quality control process to ensure the highest level of quality for each DOGgeviti™ treat. Most often, it involves thoroughly examining and testing the quality of our ingredients at every stage of the manufacturing process. The basic goal of the ISO 9001 process is to ensure DOGgeviti™ either meets or exceeds specific requirements and characteristics, such as being dependable, satisfactory, and safe, by following sound manufacturing processes; in the pharmaceutical world this is know as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). 

Q: Do you maintain quality control over the sources of DOGgeviti™ ingredients from farm to factory? 
A: The raw materials, beginning with the chickens themselves, are kept under ISO 9001 standards and each Made in the USA tablet employs a Formulation Technology by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and FDA regulation. Longeviti Sciences identifies and purifies the active ingredient in DOGgeviti™ beginning with the chicken egg embryo (the embryo peptide specifically) with the active growth factors. Furthermore, in order to assure the biological activity in each batch of DOGgeviti™, the ingredients are tested for sufficient levels of growth stimulating activity in a fibroblast culture. 

Q: Can I safely give DOGgeviti™ to my cats? 
A: The short answer is yes. However, it should also be noted that while DOGgeviti™ is safe for cats, it has not been specifically formulated for a cat’s delicate physiology. But you can take heart; Longeviti Sciences is in the process of formulating a product especially for your favorite feline as we speak. We’ll be making the announcement soon. 

Q: Are any DOGgeviti™ ingredients synthetically made? 
A: No. Not only is every ingredient in DOGgeviti™ All-Natural , but these ingredients occur naturally in mammals so you needn’t worry about adverse effects from manmade ingredients or GMOs. 

Q: Since DOGgeviti™ is made to be a “foundational” supplement, just how many diseases or conditions will it help nutritionally support? 
A: While there is no evidence that DOGgeviti™ possesses any preventive or curative properties for any disease, at least from a traditional medical perspective, studies have been conducted in both the United States and the European Union suggesting DOGgeviti™ has a positive effect on a wide variety of symptoms associated with disease. 

The EU study examined and administered the standardized oligopeptide formula (the active ingredient in DOGgeviti™), to 40 canine participants. The conditions participants suffered from included Diabetes Mellitus and Insipidus, Cushing’s disease, Hypothyroidism, and Idiopathic colitis. Also, dogs recovering from surgery, suffering with skin problems, and dogs with various locomotor disorders were included. Even though DOGgeviti™ produced no outright cures for any of the participants, in a majority of cases the results were positive and the participants did show healthy improvement in some of the symptoms associated with their conditions. 

The studies referenced indicate DOGgeviti™ can be an ideal support supplement for all dogs, especially seniors that have demonstrated signs of joint problems, skin conditions, pre-diabetes, immune problems, anxiety, cortisol imbalance, and pets in post-surgical recovery. 

Q: Where can I find DOGgeviti™ in a retail store?
A: Click here for a full list.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Longeviti Sciences strongly advises any dog owner to consult their veterinarian before using any supplements, vitamins, or medications on their pets.